# Join The Testnet

After IRIS Hub 1.0 upgrade of mainnet, Nyancat Testnet starts to operate as a stable application testnet which has the same version as the mainnet, so that the service providers of IRISnet can develop their apps on or interact with IRIShub without running a node or lcd instance.

# Public Endpoints

  • GRPC:
  • RPC:
  • REST:

# Run a Full Node

# Start node from genesis

::tip You must use Irishub v1.1.1 (opens new window) (opens new window) to initialize your node::

# init node
iris init <moniker> --chain-id=nyancat-8

# download public config.toml and genesis.json
curl -o ~/.iris/config/config.toml https://github.com/irisnet/testnets/blob/master/nyancat/config/config.toml
curl -o ~/.iris/config/genesis.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/irisnet/testnets/master/nyancat/config/genesis.json

# Start the node (also running in the background, such as nohup or systemd)
iris start

# Faucet

Welcome to get test tokens in our testnet faucet channel (opens new window)

Usage: in nyancat-faucet channel (opens new window), type "$faucet " + your address on Nyancat testnet, to get test tokens (NYAN) every 24 hours.

# Explorer

https://nyancat.iobscan.io/ (opens new window)

# Community

Welcome to discuss in our nyancat testnet channel (opens new window)