Join The Testnet

We have 2 testnets: Fuxi and Nyancat.

Since the launch of mainnet, Fuxi Testnet starts to operate as a stable application testnet which has the same version as the mainnet, so that the service providers of IRISnet can develop their apps on or interact with IRIShub without running a node or lcd instance.

However there is also a need for validators to test the new version of IRIShub before it can be relased to production, and this is Nyancat Testnet's focus. And new validators can also use the Nyancat Testnet to practice the validator operations.


We use different bech32 prefixes to distinguish the mainnet and testnet, all you need to do is to run the following command in the irishub source root before building or installing the iris binaries:

source scripts/ # to build or install the testnet version

Fuxi Testnet

There are no options to run nodes to connect to the Fuxi Testnet, you can use the public RPC and LCD to develop and test your apps.

Nyancat Testnet

Please refer to How to join nyancat testnet