iriscli distribution

The distribution module allows you to manage your Staking Rewards.

Available Subommands

Name Description
withdraw-address Query withdraw address
rewards Query all the rewards of validator or delegator
set-withdraw-address Change withdraw address
withdraw-rewards withdraw rewards for either: all-delegations, a delegation, or a validator

iriscli distribution withdraw-address

Query the withdraw address of a delegator

iriscli distribution withdraw-address <delegator-address> <flags>

Query withdraw address

iriscli distribution withdraw-address <delegator-address>

If the delegator did not specify the withdraw address other than himself, the query result will be empty.

iriscli distribution rewards

Query all the rewards of a validator or a delegator

iriscli distribution rewards <address> <flags>

Query rewards

iriscli distribution rewards <iaa...>


Total:        270.33761964714393479iris
  validator: iva..., reward: 2.899411557255275253iris
  validator: iva..., reward: 2.899411557255275253iris
  validator: iva..., reward: 2.899411557255275253iris
Commission:   267.438208089888659537iris

iriscli distribution set-withdraw-addr

Set another address to receive the rewards instead of using the delegator address

iriscli distribution set-withdraw-addr <withdraw-address> <flags>

Set withdraw address

iriscli distribution set-withdraw-addr <iaa...> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris --chain-id=irishub

iriscli distribution withdraw-rewards

Withdraw rewards to the withdraw-address(default is the delegator address, you can set to another address via set-withdraw-addr)

iriscli distribution withdraw-rewards <flags>


Name, shorthand type Required Default Description
--only-from-validator string Only withdraw from this validator address (in bech)
--is-validator bool false Also withdraw validator's commission

Do not specify the above 2 flags together

Withdraw delegation rewards from a specified validator

iriscli distribution withdraw-rewards --only-from-validator=<validator-address> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris --chain-id=irishub

Withdraw all delegation rewards

iriscli distribution withdraw-rewards --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris --chain-id=irishub

Validator withdraws all delegation rewards and commission rewards

iriscli distribution withdraw-rewards --is-validator=true --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris --chain-id=irishub