IRISnet introduce two types of privileged system user controlled by foundations, the profiler and the trustee.

  • Profiler privileges

    1. Submit software upgrade/halt proposal by governance.
    2. Invocate a service by profiling mode, under which service fees can be exempted.
  • Trustee privileges

    1. To be the destination address if the usage type of a CommunityTaxUsage proposal is Distribute or grant.
    2. Send withdraw-tax transaction to withdraw coins to an account from system service fee tax pool.
  • Genesis Profiler/Genesis Trustee (Defined in genesis.json)

    1. Only Genesis Profiler can add/delete Ordinary Profiler account
    2. Only Genesis Trustee can add/delete Ordinary Trustee account

Usage Scenario

  1. Add Profiler and Trustee

    Add Profiler (Genesis Profiler account only)

    iriscli guardian add-profiler --address=<profiler-address> --description=<profiler-description> --chain-id=<chain-id> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris

    Add Trustee (Genesis Trustee account only)

    iriscli guardian add-trustee --address=<trustee-address> --description=<trustee-description> --chain-id=<chain-id> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris
  2. Query Profiler and Trustee list

    Query Profiler list

    iriscli guardian profilers

    Query Trustee list

    iriscli guardian trustees
  3. Profiler submit software upgrade/halt proposal

    Details in upgrade

  4. Profiler call a service by profiling mode

    Service fee exempted

    iriscli service call --def-chain-id=<def-chain-id> --service-name=<service-name> --method-id=<method-id> --bind-chain-id=<bind-chain-id> --provider=<provider-address> --service-fee=1iris --request-data=<request-data> --chain-id=<chain-id> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris --profiling=true
  5. Trustee to be the destination address of CommunityTaxUsage proposal

    Details in governance

  6. Trustee withdraw service fee tax

    iriscli service withdraw-tax --dest-address=<destination-address> --withdraw-amount=1iris --chain-id=<chain-id> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris
  7. Delete Profiler and Trustee (Genesis Trustee account only)

    Delete Profiler (Genesis Trustee account only)

    iriscli guardian delete-profiler --chain-id=<chain-id> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris --address=<profiler-address>

    Delete Trustee (Genesis Trustee account only)

    iriscli guardian delete-trustee --chain-id=<chain-id> --from=<key-name> --fee=0.3iris --address=<trustee-address>