# Gov Parameters

In IRIShub, there are some special parameters that can be modified through on-chain governance. All the IRIS holders may participate in the on-chain governance. If the community is not satisfied with certain modifiable parameters, it is available to submit a parameter-change proposal, and the params will be changed online automatically when the proposal passes.

# Parameters in Auth

key Description Range Current
auth/MaxMemoCharacters Maximum number of characters in the memo field in a transaction (0, 18446744073709551615] 256
auth/TxSigLimit Maximum number of signatures per transaction (0, 18446744073709551615] 7
auth/TxSizeCostPerByte The amount of gas consumed per byte of the transaction (0, 18446744073709551615] 10
auth/SigVerifyCostED25519 Gas spent on edd2519 algorithm signature verification (0, 18446744073709551615] 590
auth/SigVerifyCostSecp256k1 Gas spent on secp256k1 algorithm signature verification (0, 18446744073709551615] 1000

# Parameters in Bank

key Description Range Current
bank/SendEnabled Tokens that support transfer []
bank/DefaultSendEnabled Whether to enable the transfer function by default {true,false} true

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# Parameters in Coinswap

key Description Range Current
coinswap/Fee Swap Fee (0,1) 0.003000000000000000

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# Parameters in Distribution

key Description Range Current
distribution/communitytax Fees charged for withdrawal [0, 1] 0.02
distribution/baseproposerreward The base reward rate of the block proposer [0, 1] 0.01
distribution/bonusproposerreward Reward rate for block proposers [0, 1] 0.04
distribution/withdrawaddrenabled Whether to support setting the withdrawal address {true,false} true

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# Parameters in Gov

key Description Range Current
gov/depositparams Related parameters of the deposit mortgage phase max_deposit_period:(0, 9223372036854775807] {"min_deposit": [{"denom": "uiris", "amount": "1000000000"}], "max_deposit_period": "86400s" }
gov/votingparams Related parameters of the voting mortgage phase voting_period:(0, 9223372036854775807] {"voting_period": "432000s"}
gov/tallyparams Related parameters of the voting tally phase quorum:[0,1]
{"quorum":"0.500000000000000000","threshold": "0.500000000000000000","veto_threshold": "0.330000000000000000"}

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# Parameters in IBC

key Description Range Current
ibc/AllowedClients Clients that support ibc ["06-solomachine","07-tendermint"]
transfer/SendEnabled Whether to enable the transfer function {true,false} false
transfer/ReceiveEnabled Whether to enable the receive function {true,false} false

# Parameters in Mint

key Description Range Current
mint/Inflation Token issuance frequency [0, 0.2] 0.04
mint/MintDenom Denom of the token mintable uiris

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# Parameters in Service

key Description Range Current
service/ArbitrationTimeLimit Maximum time of dispute resolution (0, 9223372036854775807] 120h0m0s
service/ComplaintRetrospect Maximum time for submitting a dispute (0, 9223372036854775807] 360h0m0s
service/MaxRequestTimeout Maximum number of blocks to wait for service invocation (0, 9223372036854775807] 100
service/MinDepositMultiple A multiple of the minimum deposit amount of service binding (0, 9223372036854775807] 1000
service/ServiceFeeTax Tax rate of service fee [0, 1) 0.05
service/SlashFraction Slash fraction [0, 1] 0.001
service/TxSizeLimit The limit of the service tx size (0, 18446744073709551615] 4000
service/MinDeposit Minimum deposit amount amount: (0, +∞) [{"denom": "uiris","amount": "5000000000"}]
service/BaseDenom Token denom that must be used for deposits uiris

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# Parameters in Slashing

key Description Range Current
slashing/DowntimeJailDuration Maximum downtime (continuous) (0, 9223372036854775807] 10m0s
slashing/MinSignedPerWindow Minimum signature rate in each window [0, 1] 0.7
slashing/SignedBlocksWindow Sliding window for downtime slashing (0, 18446744073709551615] 34560
slashing/SlashFractionDoubleSign Penalty coefficient for double sign [0, 1] 0.01
slashing/SlashFractionDowntime Penalty coefficient for downtime [0, 1] 0.0003

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# Parameters in Staking

key Description Range Current
staking/UnbondingTime Mortgage redemption time (0, 9223372036854775807] 1814400s
staking/MaxValidators Maximum number of validators (0, 4294967295] 100
staking/MaxEntries The maximum number of unbinding/redelegation orders in progress (0, 4294967295] 7
staking/BondDenom Bond denom uiris
staking/HistoricalEntries Historical entries [0, 4294967295] 10000

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# Parameters in Token

key Description Range Current
token/TokenTaxRate Base rate for issuing/mint tokens [0, 1] 0.4
token/IssueTokenBaseFee Base token for issuing tokens amount: (0, +∞) {"denom": "iris","amount": "60000"}
token/MintTokenFeeRatio Rate for mint tokens [0, 1] 0.1

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