State Sync

If you want to quickly start the node and join IRIS Hub without historical data, you can consider using the state_sync feature. Note that the data directory must be empty when starting the node.


  1. Initialize the mainnet node by referring to Join The Mainnet.
  2. Check the block height of the current snapshot, and select the latest height.
  1. Modify the config.toml.
enable = true # whether enable stat_sync; set true
rpc_servers = "," # RPC server address which the node connects to
trust_height = # Set to the block height of the latest snapshot
trust_hash = "" #Set to the hash corresponding to the latest snapshot block height (trust height), which can be checked via<trust_height>.
trust_period = "168h0m0s"
discovery_time = "15s"
temp_dir = ""
  1. Start the node.
iris start


  1. If any problem occurs during chain starting, you can execute iris unsafe-reset-all to reset the node and repeat the steps above.
  2. If you can't find solutions to the current issue, please contact us via IRISnet Discord channelopen in new window for help.