ChainIDE for IRISnet Environment Configuration

This section provides a detailed explanation of the environment configuration for IRISnet IDE, which is essential for developing dApps on the IRISnet blockchain.

Create a new IRISnet Project

Visit ChainIDEopen in new window and click the "Try Now" button on the front page as shown in the figure below.


Here, you will choose your login method, which includes two options: GitHub and Guest. For this tutorial, select GitHub login, as later on, the use of the Sandbox requires users to log in with GitHub.


Click the "New Project" button.


A pop-up window will appear. On the left side of the pop-up, select "IRISnet". Then, select a temple to create a new project.


Configure Wallet

IRISnet IDE provides support for two smart contract environments: EVM and Native. The EVM environment supports Metamask wallet, while the Native environment supports Kelpr wallet.

Supported EVM Wallet


Supported Native Wallet


Acquiring test tokens

Test tokens can be acquired from a tesnet faucet. Use test tokens to cover the cost of deployment, transaction fees, gas fees, etc., on the testnet.

Tutorials on Acquiring Test Tokens: