Join The Mainnet

Requirements: install iris

Run a Full Node

# initialize node configurations
iris init --moniker=<your-custom-name> --chain-id=irishub

# download mainnet public config.toml and genesis.json
curl -o ~/.iris/config/config.toml
curl -o ~/.iris/config/genesis.json

# start the node (you can also use "nohup" or "systemd" to run in the background)
iris start

You may see some connection errors, it does not matter, the P2P network is trying to find available connections

Try to add some of the Community Peers to persistent_peers in the config.toml

It will take a long time to sync from scratch, you can also download the mainnet data snapshot to reduce the time spent on synchronization

Upgrade to Validator Node

Create a Wallet

You can create a new wallet or import an existing one, then get some IRIS from the exchanges or anywhere else into the wallet you just created, .e.g.

# create a new wallet
iriscli keys add <key-name>


write the seed phrase in a safe place! It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password.

Confirm your node has caught-up

# if you have not installed jq
# apt-get update && apt-get install -y jq

# if the output is false, means your node has caught-up
iriscli status | jq .sync_info.catching_up

Create Validator

Only if your node has caught-up, you can run the following command to upgrade your node to be a validator.

iriscli stake create-validator \
    --pubkey=$(iris tendermint show-validator) \
    --moniker=<your-validator-name> \
    --amount=<amount-to-be-delegated, e.g. 10000iris> \
    --commission-rate=0.1 \
    --gas=100000 \
    --fee=0.6iris \
    --chain-id=irishub \
    --from=<key-name> \


Backup the config directory located in your iris home (default ~/.iris/) carefully! It is the only way to recover your validator.

If there are no errors, then your node is now a validator or candidate (depending on whether your delegation amount is in the top 100)

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