iris is a command line client for the IRIShub network. IRIShub users can use iris to send transactions and query the blockchain data.

Working Directory

The default working directory for the iris is $HOME/.iris, which is mainly used to save configuration files and data. The IRIShub key data is saved in the working directory of iris. You can also specify the iris working directory by --home.

Connecting to a Full Node

The iris node provides a RPC interface, transactions and query requests are sent to the process listening to it. The default rpc address the iris is connected to is tcp://localhost:26657, it can also be specified by --node.

Global Flags

GET Commands

All GET commands has the following global flags:

Name, shorthandtypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
--chain-idstringChain ID of tendermint node
--homestring~/.irisDirectory for config and data
--tracestringPrint out full stack trace on errors

POST Commands

All POST commands have the following global flags:

Name, shorthandtypeRequiredDefaultDescription
--account-numberint0AccountNumber to sign the tx
--broadcast-modestringsyncTransaction broadcasting mode (sync | async | block)
--dry-runboolfalseIgnore the --gas flag and perform a simulation of a transaction, but don't broadcast it
--feesstringFees to pay along with transaction
--fromstringName of private key with which to sign
--gasstring50000Gas limit to set per-transaction; set to "simulate" to calculate required gas automatically
--gas-adjustmentfloat1.5Adjustment factor to be multiplied against the estimate returned by the tx simulation; if the gas limit is set
--gas-pricesstringGas prices in decimal format to determine the transaction fee
--generate-onlyboolfalseBuild an unsigned transaction and write it to STDOUT
--help, -hstringPrint help message
--keyring-backendstringosSelect keyring's backend
--ledgerboolfalseUse a connected Ledger device
--memostringMemo to send along with transaction
--nodestringtcp://localhost:26657<host>:<port> to tendermint rpc interface for this chain
--offlinestringOffline mode (does not allow any online functionality)
--sequenceint0Sequence number to sign the tx
--sign-modestringChoose sign mode (direct | amino-json), this is an advanced feature
--trust-nodebooltrueDon't verify proofs for responses
--yesbooltrueSkip tx broadcasting prompt confirmation
--chain-idstringChain ID of tendermint node
--homestringDirectory for config and data (default "~/.iris")
--tracestringPrint out full stack trace on errors

Module Commands

bankBank subcommands for querying acccounts and sending coins etc.
debugDebug subcommands
distributionDistribution subcommands for rewards management
govGovernance and voting subcommands
htlcHTLC transaction subcommands
keysKeys allows you to manage your local keystore for tendermint
nftNFT subcommands
oracleOracle transaction subcommands
paramsQuery parameters of modules
randomRandom number subcommands
recordRecord subcommands
slashingSlashing subcommands
serviceService subcommands
stakingStaking subcommands for validators and delegators
statusQuery remote node for status
tendermintTendermint state querying subcommands
tokenToken subcommands
txTx subcommands
upgradeSoftware Upgrade subcommands