IRIS Daemon Commands allow you to init, start, reset a node, or generate a genesis file, etc.

You can get familiar with these commands by creating a Local Testnet.


iris <command>

Available Commands

initInitialize private validator, p2p, genesis, and application configuration files
add-genesis-accountAdd genesis account to genesis.json
gentxGenerate a genesis tx carrying a self delegation
collect-gentxsCollect genesis txs and output a genesis.json file
startRun the full node
unsafe-reset-allResets the blockchain database, removes address book files, and resets priv_validator.json to the genesis state
tendermintTendermint subcommands
testnetInitialize files for a Irishub testnet
resetReset app state to the specified height
exportExport state to JSON
versionShow executable binary version

Global Flags

-h, --helpHelp for iris
--home/$HOME/.irisDirectory for config and dataString
--log_level*:infoLog level (default "main:info,state:info,*:error")String
--tracePrint out full stack trace on errors