Running a Validator Node

Before setting up your validator node, make sure you've already installed Iris by following this guide and your node is fully synced.

Validators are responsible for committing new blocks to the blockchain through consensus. A validator's stake will be slashed if it becomes unavailable, double-signs a transaction, or doesn't cast their votes. Please read about Sentry Node Architecture to protect your node from DDOS attacks and to ensure high-availability.

Get IRIS Token

Create Account

You need to get iris and iriscli installed first. Then, follow the instructions below to create a new account:

iriscli keys add <key_name>

Then, you should set a password of at least 8 characters.

The output will look like the following:

tom	local	iaa1arlugktm7p64uylcmh6w0g5m09ptvklxrmsz9m	iap1addwnpepqvlmtpv7tke2k93vlyfpy2sxup93jfulll6r3jty695dkh09tekrz37h9q9
**Important** write this seed phrase in a safe place.
It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password.

blast change tumble toddler rival ordinary chicken dirt physical club few language noise oak moment consider enemy claim elephant cruel people adult peanut garden

You could see the address and public key of this account. Please notice that account address in IRISnet will start with iaa1 and public key of account will start with iap1.

The seed phrase of this account will also be displayed. You could use these 24 phrases to recover this account in another server. The recover command is:

iriscli keys add <key_name> --recover

Claim tokens (Only for Fuxi Testnet)

You can always get some test tokens by using the Faucet. The faucet will send you 10IRIS for every request, please don't abuse it.

Once you have created your own address, you can use it to stake as a validator. The following command is used to check the balance of your account:

iriscli bank account <account_address> --node=http://localhost:26657

Create Validator

Confirm Your Validator is Synced

Your validator is active if the following command returns anything:

iriscli status --node=tcp://localhost:26657 

You should also be able to see catching_up is false.

You need to get the public key of your node before upgrade your node to a validator node. The public key of your node starts with icp, it can be used to create a new validator by staking tokens. To understand more about the address encoding in IRIShub, please read this doc

You can find your validator's pubkey by running:

iris tendermint show-validator --home=<iris_home>

Example output:


Next, use the output as <pubkey> field for iriscli stake create-validator command following this. :

In this way, to stake 10IRIS and create as a validator, you need to do:


Create-validator need more gas and fee, you need to specify --gas=100000 --fee=0.6iris

iriscli stake create-validator --chain-id=<chain-id> --from=<key name> --gas=100000 --fee=0.6iris --pubkey=<validator public key> --amount=10iris --moniker=<your_custom_name> --commission-rate=0.1 --identity=<identity_string>

Please note the fee and amount can be the decimal of IRIS token, like 1.01iris. And you could also use other coin-type like iris-milli, To read more about coin-type in IRIShub, you should read this

identity is an optional field, please refer to keybase

To read more about fee mechanism in IRIShub throughout the doc

View Validator Info

View the validator's information with this command:

iriscli stake validator <address-validator-operator> --chain-id=<chain-id> --node=tcp://localhost:26657 

The <address-validator-operator> is your account address that starts with 'iva1'

Confirm Your Validator is Running

Your validator is active if the following command returns anything:

iriscli status --node=tcp://localhost:26657 

You should also be able to see your voting_power is above 0 if your bonded toke is in top 100. Also, you should see validator on the Explorer.

Edit Validator Description

You can edit your validator's public description following this. This info is to identify your validator, and will be relied on by delegators to decide which validators to stake to. Make sure to provide input for every flag below, otherwise the field will default to empty (--monikerdefaults to the machine name).

You should put your name of your team in details.

iriscli stake edit-validator --from=<key name> --moniker=<your_custom_name> --website=<your_website> --details=<your_details> --chain-id=<chain-id> --node=tcp://localhost:26657 --fee=0.3iris --identity=<identity_string>

identity is an optional field.

Use the Explorer

You should also be able to see your validator on the Explorer.