IRIShub System Parameters

In IRISnet, there are some special parameters can be modified through on-chain governance. All the IRIS holders are able to modify. If the community is not satisfied with certain modifiable parameters, it is available to submit a parameter-change proposal in governance module.

Parameters in Auth

key Description Range
auth/gasPriceThreshold minimum of gas price (0, 10^18iris-atto]
auth/txSizeLimit the limitation of the normal tx size [500, 1500]

Parameters in Stake

key Description Range
stake/MaxValidators maximum number of validators [100, 200]
stake/UnbondingTime unbonding time [2week,)

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Parameters in Distribution

key Description Range
distr/BaseProposerReward standard ratio of the block reward (0, 0.02]
distr/BonusProposerReward maximum additional bonus ratio (0, 0.08]
distr/CommunityTax proportion of contributions to community funds (0, 0.2]

Details in distribution

Parameters in Mint

key Description Range
mint/Inflation Inflation coefficient [0,0.2]

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Parameters in Slashing

key Description Range
slashing/CensorshipJailDuration Censorship Jail Duration (0, 4week)
slashing/DoubleSignJailDuration DoubleSign Jail Duration (0, 4week)
slashing/DowntimeJailDuration Downtime Jail Duration (0, 4week)
slashing/MaxEvidenceAge Acceptable earliest time of the evidence [1day,)
slashing/MinSignedPerWindow Minimum voting ratio in the slash window [0.5, 0.9]
slashing/SignedBlocksWindow The number of blocks for slash statistics [100, 140000]
slashing/SlashFractionCensorship Slash ratio of censorship [0.005, 0.1]
slashing/SlashFractionDoubleSign Slash ratio of double-sign [0.01, 0.1]
slashing/SlashFractionDowntime Slash ratio of downtime [0.005, 0.1]

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Parameters in Service

key Description Range
service/ArbitrationTimeLimit maximum time of dispute resolution [5days, 10days]
service/ComplaintRetrospect maximum time for submit a dispute [15days, 30days]
service/MaxRequestTimeout maximum number of waiting blocks for service invocation [20,)
service/MinDepositMultiple a multiple of the minimum deposit amount of service binding [500, 5000]
service/ServiceFeeTax tax rate of service fee (0, 0.2]
service/SlashFraction slash fraction (0, 0.01]
service/TxSizeLimit the limit of the service tx size [2000, 6000]

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