Tendermint subcommand of iris and iriscli

iriscli tendermint


Tendermint state querying subcommands


iriscli tendermint <subcommand>

Available Subcommands

Name, shorthand Description
tx Matches this txhash over all committed blocks
txs Search for all transactions that match the given tags
block Get verified data for a the block at given height
validator-set Get the full tendermint validator set at given height

iris tendermint


This command will return some tendermint related info to you.


iris tendermint <subcommand>

Available Commands

Name Description
show-node-id show node id
show-validator show validator
show-address show address

Global Flags

Name, shorthand Default Description Required
--encoding, -e hex Binary encoding (hex\b64\btc)
--home $HOME/.iris Directory for config and data
--output, -o text Output format (text\json)
--trace Print out full stack trace on errors