# iriscli stake

# Introduction

Stake module provides a set of subcommands to query staking state and send staking transactions.

# Usage

iriscli stake <subcommand>

Print all supported subcommands and flags:

iriscli stake --help

# Available Commands

Name Description
validator Query a validator
validators Query for all validators
delegation Query a delegation based on address and validator address
delegations Query all delegations made from one delegator
delegations-to Query all delegations to one validator
unbonding-delegation Query an unbonding-delegation record based on delegator and validator address
unbonding-delegations Query all unbonding-delegations records for one delegator
unbonding-delegations-from Query all unbonding delegatations from a validator
redelegations-from Query all outgoing redelegatations from a validator
redelegation Query a redelegation record based on delegator and a source and destination validator address
redelegations Query all redelegations records for one delegator
pool Query the current staking pool values
parameters Query the current staking parameters information
signing-info Query a validator's signing information
create-validator Create new validator initialized with a self-delegation to it
edit-validator Edit existing validator account
delegate Delegate liquid tokens to an validator
unbond Unbond shares from a validator
redelegate Redelegate illiquid tokens from one validator to another
unjail Unjail validator previously jailed for downtime