iriscli service definition


Query service definition


iriscli service definition <flags>


Name, shorthand Default Description Required
--def-chain-id the ID of the blockchain defined of the service Yes
--service-name service name Yes
--help, -h help for definition


Query a service definition

iriscli service definition --def-chain-id=<service_define_chain_id> --service-name=<service_name>

After that, you will get detail info for the service definition which has the specified define chain id and service name.

  "SvcDef": {
    "name": "test-service",
    "chain_id": "test",
    "description": "service-description",
    "tags": [
    "author": "iaa1ydhmma8l4m9dygsh7l08fgrwka6yczs0se0tvs",
    "author_description": "author-description",
    "idl_content": "syntax = \"proto3\";\n\npackage helloworld;\n\n// The greeting service definition.\nservice Greeter {\n    //@Attribute description: sayHello\n    //@Attribute output_privacy: NoPrivacy\n    //@Attribute output_cached: NoCached\n    rpc SayHello (HelloRequest) returns (HelloReply) {}\n}\n\n// The request message containing the user's name.\nmessage HelloRequest {\n    string name = 1;\n}\n\n// The response message containing the greetings\nmessage HelloReply {\n    string message = 1;\n}\n"
  "methods": [
      "id": "1",
      "name": "SayHello",
      "description": "sayHello",
      "output_privacy": "NoPrivacy",
      "output_cached": "NoCached"