iriscli keys new


Derive a new private key using an interactive command that will prompt you for each input. Optionally specify a bip39 mnemonic, a bip39 passphrase to further secure the mnemonic, and a bip32 HD path to derive a specific account. The key will be stored under the given name and encrypted with the given password. The only input that is required is the encryption password.


iriscli keys new <name> <flags>


Name, shorthand Default Description Required
--bip44-path 44'/118'/0'/0/0 BIP44 path from which to derive a private key
--default Skip the prompts and just use the default values for everything
--help, -h help for new
--ledger Store a local reference to a private key on a Ledger device


Create a new key by the specified method

iriscli keys new MyKey

You'll be asked to enter your bip44 path, default is 44'/118'/0'/0/0.

> -------------------------------------
> Enter your bip44 path. Default is 44'/118'/0'/0/0

Then you'll be asked to enter your bip39 mnemonic, or hit enter to generate one.

> Enter your bip39 mnemonic, or hit enter to generate one.

You could hit enter to generate bip39 mnemonic, then a new hint will be show to ask you to enter bip39 passphrase.

> -------------------------------------
> Enter your bip39 passphrase. This is combined with the mnemonic to derive the seed
> Most users should just hit enter to use the default, ""

Also you could hit enter to skip it, then you'll receive a hint to enter a password.

> -------------------------------------
> Enter a passphrase to encrypt your key to disk:
> Repeat the passphrase:

After that, you're done with creating a new key.