# iriscli keys

# Description

Keys allows you to manage your local keystore for tendermint.

# Usage

iriscli keys <command>

# Available Commands

Name Description
mnemonic Create a bip39 mnemonic, sometimes called a seed phrase, by reading from the system entropy.
new Derive a new private key using an interactive command that will prompt you for each input.
add Create a new key, or import from seed , or import from a keystore file
list List all keys
show Show key info for the given name
delete Delete the given key
update Change the password used to protect private key
export Export keystore to a json file

# Flags

Name, shorthand Default Description Required
--help, -h Help for keys

# Global Flags

Name, shorthand Default Description Required
--encoding, -e hex Binary encoding (hex/b64/btc)
--home $HOME/.iriscli Directory for config and data
--output, -o text Output format (text/json)
--trace Print out full stack trace on errors

# Extended description

These keys may be in any format supported by go-crypto and can be used by light-clients, full nodes, or any other application that needs to sign with a private key.