iriscli gov


This module provides the basic functions as described below:

  1. On-chain governance proposals on parameter change
  2. On-chain governance proposals on software upgrade
  3. On-chain governance proposals on software halt
  4. On-chain governance proposals on tax usage


iriscli gov [command]

Print all supported subcommands and flags:

iriscli gov --help

Available Commands

Name Description
query-proposal Query details of a single proposal
query-proposals Query proposals with optional filters
query-vote Query vote
query-votes Query votes on a proposal
query-deposit Query details of a deposit
query-deposits Query deposits on a proposal
query-tally Get the tally of a proposal vote
query-params Query parameter proposal's config
submit-proposal Submit a proposal along with an initial deposit
deposit Deposit tokens for activing proposal
vote vote for an active proposal, options: Yes/No/NoWithVeto/Abstain

Extended description

  1. Any users can deposit some tokens to initiate a proposal. Once deposit reaches a certain value min_deposit, enter voting period, otherwise it will remain in the deposit period. Others can deposit the proposals on the deposit period. Once the sum of the deposit reaches min_deposit, enter voting period. However, if the block-time exceeds max_deposit_period in the deposit period, the proposal will be closed.
  2. The proposals which enter voting period only can be voted by validators and delegators. The vote of a delegator who hasn't vote will be the same as his validator's vote, and the vote of a delegator who has voted will be remained. The votes wil be tallyed when reach `voting_period'.
  3. More details about voting for proposals: CosmosSDK-Gov-spec