Key Innovations

Incorporation of a service-oriented infrastructure into Cosmos
Integration of business services offered by heterogeneous systems,including public & consortium chains as well as legacy systems
Interoperability of those services across an internet of blockchains
Core Features
  • IBC + iService

    TCP/IP + HTTP protocol of blockchains that can build and further broaden the Internet of Blockchains.

  • Coinswap

    Cross-chain AMM, a vanguard innovation platform for DeFi applications in the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Oracle

    Supported oracle service based on iService, to implement cross-platform data services from off-chain to on-chain/off-chain.

  • NFT

    Supported NFT, to achieve the digitization of assets on blockchains.

Upcoming Features

  • Ethereum Peg

    A crosschain bridge with Ethereum that supports assets transfer & protocol interacting.

  • CosmWasm

    Integrating CosmWasm VM to enable crosschain smart contract development.



    JAN 2018 - MAR 2019

  • NÜWA

    APR 2019 - OCT 2019


    NOV 2019 - JUN 2021


    BEYOND JUL 2021